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The Benefits of Transformational Coaching in Berthoud, CO

Often, people find that they have reached a point in their lives where they are stuck and caught in self-destructive patterns of behavior. Even when people recognize that they need to ask for help in order to progress, they may not know which outside resources to trust. If you have found yourself in need of assistance or guidance, you need to experience the power of transformational coaching in Berthoud, CO.

Stephen Angel is a hypnotherapist who specializes in transformational coaching. Working mainly with men, he helps individuals get on the path toward making positive changes in their lives. Sessions focus on overcoming emotional blockages and reaching spiritual changes. Each transformation is a process and requires the individual to be open and to commit to the work. With willingness, patience, and dedication, individuals will begin to experience improved wellbeing, peace, and the confidence to take the lead in their own lives.

Hypnosis Therapy Berthoud, CO

What to Expect from Hypnosis Therapy

You may have preconceived notions about what hypnosis is. The reality is likely far from what you expect. Stephen never puts anyone into unsafe of uncomfortable positions. Instead, he serves as a facilitator. This hypnosis is not a stage act—it is backed by science. What’s most important is that you actively want to participate in the process. Your openness to Stephen’s methods will help you experience their positive effects. Contact Stephen today to get started.